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Security of your payments Area

Whenever you make a payment through, all information regarding to it will remain safe at all times. All data is encoded during the transfer.

Whenever you start shopping in your web browser will show you an alert security window.

This information will mean that any data you enter as from this moment is protected with a security system. You will know that you are in a security page because a symbol will appear in the inferior part of your web browser.

For your complete safety, the screens in which you will introduce your credit card information come directly from the bank entities that are accredited and that will receive that information (SCH, La Caixa). These information gateways are totally safe and are subjected to all security standards. The encryption system SSL that we use confines total security for the transmission of data in the web. Your data is totally protected and confidential. This information will not be retained nor archived by

How do we protect your credit card payment in MODES SERRANO?

We use one of the most reliable Internet payment methods: the Internet Protocol SSL. All your personal data is protected and is encoded before sending it out for its processing.

What is SSL?

The latest advances in web browsers technologies and servers have facilitated the use fo the web services without worries related to the electronic fraud. An example is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), developed by Netscape, a security protocol sent to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as an Internet eraser.

Basically, the protocol allows the identification between the browser and server in a web session as well as the protection of the information that afterwards will flow between both points. Through the use of encrypted techniques as the encoding and digitall signature, the protocol: allows the web browsers and servers to authenticate between them; allows the web owners to control the access to servers, directories, archives or particular services; allows sharing confidential information (such as, for example, credit cards numbers) between the browser and server, maintaining it inaccessible to third parties; and allows the security of the exchanged data by the browser and the server in a way that cannot be corrupted, either by accident or deliberately, without it being detected.

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