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Credit Card

The amount of the order will be charged to your credit card once the order has left our warehouse. With this system the bank entity will charge your order in a way and date that you have settled with it. Your credit card data trasmission from your computer to MODES SERRANO is done in an encrypted method for your complete security. We recommend this method of payment because it does not require you to have the shipping amount ready when the order reaches your address. For Gift Orders the payment will have to be made by credit card by the client who places the order.

The advantages that TPV payment offers the purchaser are:

  • The payment is directly done in the bank’s servers. The virtual TPV that relieves the card number and makes the charge is in the bank’s servers. Our application simply makes a phone call to the bank indicating the quantity that has to be charged. Once in the bank’s page, the client always sees the quantity that will be charged before writing the card number.
  • The card number travels encrypted and only to the bank’s server. The TPV uses the encrypted system SSL. The seller never gets to know which is the client’s card number and does not have any possibility of keeping it for future charges.
  • To use this charging system, the seller must have an account in the bank which the TPV wishes to use with the authentic data. This eliminates the practice of fraudulent sales.
  • The client may chose amongst different credit cards, depending on the bank that is using.

Bank Transfer or Deposit

Transfers may be done to one of these 2 accounts:

  • La Caixa
  • Santander Central Hispano

When making the transfer or deposit do not forget to use the same name as the one you specified in the order form, This way we can easily identify the source of the amount.

We remind you that many banks and financial entities allow making transfers through Internet (ask your Branch for further information).

Cash on Delivery

The amount of the order will be made to the same post service or messenger at the time of recieving the order.

Reembursment payments have an additional charge of 5% euros of the total value of the parchase. 3.5 euros minimum.

Countries that accept reimbursement: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Vatican State, Finland, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, Cyprus.

The cash on delivery shippings to Europe may have a supplement (except Spain) that will be paied when recieving the order at the final destination country (these costs are for concept of processing charles to the origin country and are not usually higher than 3 euros, although we have exact amounts available).

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